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  • Is Organic Meadow Milk Kosher?

    Yes, Organic Meadow milk and creams are all certified Kosher by the Kashruth Council of Canada


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • How quickly should Organic Meadow milk be consumed?

    We recommend that the milk be drank within 7 days of opening the container to ensure freshness.  However we do not recommend consuming any dairy products after the expiry date. 

    Answered by: Customer Service

  • Why is Vit. A added to our milk?

    It is a legal requirement to add Vit. A to our skim, 1% and 2%.  Vit. A is removed with the fat during the separation process in skim and partly skimmed milk and must be added back in the form of a vitamin premix.  Whole milk does not go through the separation process, therefore, Vit. A is naturally occuring.


    The vitamin A Palmitate added to our milk is synthetically produced and does not contain palm oil.


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • What is lactose?

    Lactose, also known as milk sugar, is a natural part of milk, which contributes to about 4.6% of the milk’s volume. Lactose is not a sweet sugar, which is why milk does not taste very sweet. Lactose is made up of two smaller sugars, glucose and galactose, that are linked together.


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • Are Organic Meadow products gluten-free?

    All of our products are gluten-free except for our ice-cream and kéfir. 


    Our ice-cream is made in a facility where other brands of ice-cream is made so there is a minimal chance of cross-contamination. 


    The culture used to make our kefir is grown in a lab and barley is used as a fermentation nutrient.  Depending on the tolerance of gluten, one may or may not be able to consume it.


    Answered by: Customer Service

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