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  • How much calcium is in each cup of milk?

    There are 300 mg. of calcium in each cup (250 mL) of milk.  One cup of milk is approx. 30% of the recommended daily value.  The average daily requirement is approx. 1000 mg. per day.


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • Why is there transfat in milk?

    All milk contains naturally occurring trans fats that are produced in the cow’s stomach during the digestive process. The trans fats in milk may actually have beneficial effects. They are structurally different from the man made “bad” trans fats that are produced by the hydrogenation process. Organic standards would never allow for hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils to be added to milk.


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • Can milk be frozen?

    Freezing is not recommended for fluid milk and cream. A change in the milk's consistency occurs due to protein destabilization and a settling of milk solids commonly occurs when milk has been frozen.  

    Answered by: Customer Service

  • When can I purchase your egg nog?

    Our delicious egg nog can be found on store shelves approx. the third week in November until December 25th.  It is made with 3.2% organic whole milk. 


    We think you will agree it is the best tasting egg nog on the market.


    Answered by: Customer Service

  • Does homogenization affect the quality of the milk?

    Homogenization mechanically breaks up and disperses the milk fat throughout the milk and has no negative effect on the quality. It does have the positive effect of making a smoother product that lasts longer without fat separation.


    Answered by: Customer Service

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A cow drinks about 2 bathtubs worth of water each day.

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Creamy and delicious!

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