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  • Burnspring Farm - The Hepburn Family

    Burnspring Farm - The Hepburn Family

    Before joining Organic Meadow, Grant Hepburn had already been managing much of his farm organically. But it was a barn tour of an Organic Meadow farm that convinced him to take the last steps to organic certification. Grant realized, "Hey, I can do that, too!" And so, Burnspring Farm began shipping organic milk in July, 2008.
  • Ventry Hill Farm - The DeJong Family

    Ventry Hill Farm - The DeJong Family

    Ventry Hill Farm, located near Dundalk, Ontario, is a true family farm. Paul does much of the milking and field work while Dorien does the paperwork and drives a tractor when needed. Paul’s parents, Dorothy and Peter, feed the youngest calves and take care of the children. Their sons help bed, feed and milk the cows and their daughters help their grandfather care for the baby calves.

Did You Know

Organic Meadow kéfir has 10 different cultures in it!

Bring to the Table

Distinctively delicious!

Distinctively delicious!

Organic Meadow Swiss Cheese is tasty on its own, with a snack or part of your favourite recipe. Read more »

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