Our Organic Farmers

Meet some of the faces behind Organic Meadow...

  • Amy Darroch

    Amy Darroch

    Amy Darroch began to fulfill her lifelong dream this past July on her newly purchased farm just south of Peterborough . From the time her parents began dairy farming twenty five years ago, when Amy was just a toddler, she had a passion for animals and she knew she had been bitten by the farming bug.
  • Rick and Erma Gras

    Rick and Erma Gras

    Rick and Erma Gras purchased their farm near St. Marys, Ontario in 1998 and began the organic transition in 2007. Together with their 4 school-aged children, they operate a 500-hen flock and ship their certified organic eggs to Organic Meadow.

Did You Know

As a hen ages, the size of her eggs increase in size

Bring to the Table

Healthy and nutritious!

Healthy and nutritious!

Organic Meadow Cottage Cheese is full of taste, calcium and protein! For your whole family to love. Read more »

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