Sunny Lane Farm - The Osthaus Family

Sunny Lane Farm – The Osthaus Family

Odilia Osthaus always wanted to be a farmer. Growing up in Sreiburd, Germany, it was an unusual ambition for a woman. But it wasn’t unusual to choose organic farming. So when Odilia found a 200 acre farm near Durham, Ontario in 1990, going organic was the obvious choice. 

Every morning and evening on Sunny Lane Farm, 25 bell clad cows come home to be milked. Each cow has a name and a sign, painted by Odilia’s daughters, on their own stall - an indication of the care and concern Odilia has for her dairy partners.

Statistically, organic cows are less prone to illness. They spend more time outdoors socializing with the other cows, which keeps them content. Since organic farmers in Ontario do not vaccinate their cattle against endemic diseases, illness prevention is critically important. And herbal, homeopathic and naturopathic treatments are used instead of conventional drugs.

According to Odilia, the current surge of interest in organic dairy farming is hardly surprising. “Smaller, healthier herds and higher prices form a powerful argument,” she says. “More and more Ontario farmers are taking their cue from organic farmers and reaping the natural benefits.” 

Did You Know

A cow has about 207 bones in its body.

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