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  • Ventry Hill Farm - The DeJong Family

    Ventry Hill Farm - The DeJong Family

    Ventry Hill Farm, located near Dundalk, Ontario, is a true family farm. Paul does much of the milking and field work while Dorien does the paperwork and drives a tractor when needed. Paul’s parents, Dorothy and Peter, feed the youngest calves and take care of the children. Their sons help bed, feed and milk the cows and their daughters help their grandfather care for the baby calves.
  • 5 Star Seeds - The Lembke Family

    5 Star Seeds - The Lembke Family

    Steven, Karen and their family devote their time to growing, storing and supplying nutritious organic grains for other Organic Meadow farmers. They have 11 storage bins, a dryer bin, and a scale that can weigh trainloads of grain and a new seed plant in operation. Future plans include a warehouse, blending equipment and more storage as needed.

Did You Know

Eggs contain all nine essential amino acids, making them a complete protein food.

Bring to the Table

Running Free!

Running Free!

Organic Meadow eggs are from happy, healthy, free run chickens! Something to feel good about. Read more »

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