Sprucecourt Farm - The Koonstra Family

Sprucecourt Farm – The Koonstra Family

Lammert Koonstra always dreamed about being a dairy farmer. So, in May, 1999, he and his family moved from Holland and settled on a farm in West Central Ontario.

The Koonstras now lovingly raise and nurture 80 cows on Sprucecourt Farm, providing their dairy herd with plenty of clean, dry straw in the stalls of their state of the art barn. Special amounts of grains are fed to each cow according to its body condition, which is monitored weekly. Every morning (weather permitting) the herd is led down the farm lane to be pastured, and then brought back at noon for a buffet of more fresh grasses.

The Sprucecourt cows may seem spoiled, but Lammert firmly believes that this special treatment makes them healthy and strong. With his passion for dairy farming and thorough knowledge of organic practices, it is not surprising that Lammert devotes much of his time educating other farmers on the benefits of organic production. “The more farms we can get on board, the better it will be for agriculture,” he says.


Did You Know

Organic farmers have to compost their manure before applying it to the land.

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