Ferme Gerstgrasser - Manfred and Inge Gerstgrasser

Ferme Gerstgrasser – Manfred and Inge Gerstgrasser

In April 2009, Manfred & Inge Gerstgrasser welcomed the first pick-up of their certified organic milk. “Going organic has given us a much more relaxed lifestyle,” says Manfred of his dairy farm’s transition to organic in 2007. For the Gerstgrassers, the decision was motivated by environmental concerns and a desire for a simpler, sustainable way of life. 

It has been a long journey for Manfred and Inge who, with their 6 children, came to Canada from Austria in 1992. Their beautiful 140 acre farm is home to 40 milking cows plus laying hens and a handful of honey beehives. Their fields are planted with everything the herd likes to eat: pasture, hay and corn silage.

When asked about the main focus of their farm, Inge could not be more emphatic: “Milk quality!” she replies. The gold certificates displayed on the Ferme Gerstgrasser milk house walls are a testament to this goal.

Did You Know

A heifer is a young female that has not yet had a calf and begun to milk

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