Bofi Farms - The Booyink Family

Bofi Farms – The Booyink Family

After emigrating from the Netherlands in 1979, Theo and Gerda Booyink farmed in New Brunswick for 9 years, and then moved to a farm near Cornwall, Ontario.  In 2002, the Booyinks received their organic certification.

Theo and Gerda transitioned to organic farming for the health for their family, their animals, the soil and other species. Theo was tired of putting loads of fertilizer and pesticides onto the fields. After attending a talk by Organic Meadow member Ted Zettel, the Booyinks committed to changing their operation to organic. Gradually, they noticed the overall health of their dairy herd improving, and their cows living longer, happier lives. 

Today, with the help of 7 grown children ranging in age from 14 to 28, the Booyinks take care of about 70 head of purebred Holstein and Jersey cows and the same number of young calves. The herd is pastured in the summer and receives a daily ration of primarily hay and balage with cornmeal and corn silage during the winter months. Free choice hay is available to their cows year round.

Did You Know

Trans fats are a naturally occurring fat created in all dairy cow’s stomachs.

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