Why Buy Local?

Why Buy Local?

When it comes to helping the environment, buying locally-produced foods makes a lot of sense, and your commitment is as simple as making the local choice when choosing the foods you eat.

The environmental and social benefits of choosing local are significant:

  • Less distance to market means less energy used for transport, reducing environmental impact.

  • Support of local farms makes them more economically viable.

  • Small, local farms create carbon-absorbing greenbelts.

  • Local farms help to teach children where their food comes from.

  • Less travel time means that local foods are consumed closer to the time they are harvested, and are therefore more nutrient-rich.


Amy Darroch
“'We have always farmed this way' ”

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Did You Know

British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario are the top three organic producers in Canada.

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Healthy and nutritious!

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