Storage Tips

Organic Milk

Ideal Storage Conditions: 1-4°C

Shelf Life in Ideal Storage Conditons: Ontario Milk - 22 days*
*from date of production


  • When shopping, pick up milk last so it doesn't warm up while you fill your cart.
  • Use the freshest milk and always use by the 'best before' date.  Buy smaller amounts more often rather than storing open, larger containers in the refrigerator.
  • Keep cartons closed and store away from strong-smelling food items - the milk can pick up those odors.
  • Do not return unused milk to its original container.
  • Freezing milk is not recommended.  It separates and loses its smooth texture.
  • Avoid exposing milk to light - light affects its riboflavin, folate and vitamin B12 content and can cause 'off' flavours.

Farmers in the Field

NewCare EcoFarms - The Biemond Family

NewCare EcoFarms - The Biemond Family

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