Storage Tips

Organic Cream Cheese

Ideal Storage Conditions:  2-4 degrees celcius

Shelf Life in Ideal Storage Conditions: 25 days from date of production


  • Cream cheese is highly perishable and should always be kept refrigerated. This is one cheese that you do not want aged.
  • Check the expiration date and buy the freshest you can find. The fresher the cheese, the better the flavor.
  • Cream cheese should be opened within the package dating code period and used within 1 week after opening. Be sure to keep it tightly wrapped or sealed in the container.
  • If mold forms on the cheese, do not scrape it off and consume the rest. Unlike some cheeses, any mold on cream cheese makes it unsafe to eat, and it should be discarded. 
  • Freezing of cream cheese is not recommended. The cheese suffers a drastic change in texture when thawed.

Did You Know

A cow has about 207 bones in its body.

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