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Organic Meadow milk and dairy products come to you from local farm families dedicated to providing you with wholesome organic foods. Our offering includes: organic milk, organic cream, organic butter, organic cottage cheese, organic yogurt, organic light cream cheese, organic ice cream and organic cheese. Search through our site to learn more about specific products!

At Organic Meadow we work closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to ensure our packaging clearly indicates what's inside and correct nutritional information. We also work with other industry members such as the Canadian Organic Office, Foodland Ontario and the Dairy Farmers of Canada and include the following logos on many of our products to provide consumers with a greater assurance of the quality of the products.

Logo for Canada Organic

Canada Organic Logo

Organic Meadow products have always been certified organic. All of our packages will proudly carry the Canada Organic Logo, meaning that what’s inside fully conforms to the new Canadian Organic Products Regulations. It’s your further assurance of quality organic food that is grown in accordance with strict organic guidelines, without the use of commercial fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. To learn more about what organic farming means, visit www.organicmeadow.com.

Logo for Canadian Milk


Foodland Ontario Organic

Organic Meadow is proud to carry the Foodland Ontario Organic logo on its organic milk, organic plain yogurt, organic sour cream, organic cottage cheese, organic butter, organic vanilla ice cream and organic eggs. It’s your assurance of local “made in Ontario” goodness from our family farms.

Our organic yogurt is shown on this Foodland Ontario TV Commercial - about 15 seconds into it!

Logo for Foodland Ontario Organic

Did You Know

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2012 to be the International Year of Co-operatives!

Farmers in the Field

Minten Organic Dairy Farms - Ted and Mary Lou Minten

Minten Organic Dairy Farms - Ted and Mary Lou Minten

New visitors to Ted and Mary Lou Minten’s farm are often shown a large family portrait and introduced to their 10 children.… Read more »

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