Organic Meadow Statement on Chilliwack BC Dairy Farm Animal Cruelty

June 11, 2014

Organic Meadow Statement on Chilliwack BC Dairy Farm Animal Cruelty

Organic Meadow Statement – Chilliwack BC Dairy Farm Animal Cruelty


Dear Friends,


Over the past 24 hours, our staff has received an outpouring of calls from our farmers, who like you, are horrified, shocked and saddened by the recent footage showing animal cruelty occurring on a British Columbia dairy farm.


The actions shown in the video are beyond disturbing – they are unacceptable and to our dairy farmers – unfathomable.  The recent events have sent shockwaves through not only our co-operative, but also the broader farming community.


For most farmers, farming is not merely a job – it is a way of life.  It is a source of pride.  It represents tradition, that for some, has been passed down from generation to generation.  And at its core, requires a deep love and respect for their animals who become an extension of your family.  And so the thought of such treatment towards a member of your family is reprehensible.


From getting to know our farmers over the last 25 years, we know they love their animals – we visit their farms, we see their pictures and videos – and we can hear it in their voice. We also know this to be true of many others.


That said, you can be sure that our farmers will be giving their cows an extra scratch behind their ears tonight.

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