Organic Meadow to Appear on the New Food Network Canada Show, Food Factory

November 21, 2012

Organic Meadow to Appear on the New Food Network Canada Show, Food Factory

(GUELPH, ON) – Have you ever wondered how organic milk is produced and packaged? Organic Meadow Inc., Canada’s first organic dairy company and one of Canada’s leading organic brands, is proud to announce that their milk will be profiled on Food Network Canada’s new hit show, Food Factory. The episode will air at 8:00pm on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012.  

“The episode will walk the viewer through the process of how organic milk is produced and packaged,” says Jennifer Hyde, Product Manager at Organic Meadow. “The segment begins at an organic farm near Guelph, Ontario because this is what really makes organic milk different,” Hyde explains. “One of our farmers, John Brunsveld, takes us through how he cares for his cows and why he is proud to be an organic dairy farmer.”

The next step is for the milk to be delivered to the dairy where it is separated into the different types of milk ̶ skim, 1%, 2% or 3.8%, and then is homogenized and pasteurized. “The packaging portion is quite automated and we wanted to show the viewer how our 4 litre machine can actually form and fill the bags all at once,” says Hyde. “We are proud that we are owned by farmers and proud to show off how our products are made.”

Food Factory is in its first year of production and will air 26 episodes that give a behind-the-scenes look at how raw materials get turned into the finished products that consumers see on grocery store shelves. Food Factory is a Cineflix Inc. production, in association with Food Network Canada. Executive Producers are Simon Lloyd and Philip Whelan.

Here is a 2 minute segment from the airing on November 22nd, 2012. 

About Organic Meadow
Organic Meadow Co-operative Inc. is a farmer co-op consisting of over 100 family farms, more than 50% of which are within 100 miles of Guelph. More than 90 Organic Meadow products are sold in retail stores across the country, all of which are certified organic. As a co-operative, Organic Meadow shares its profits with the farmers who lead it and have invested in it, thereby supporting rural economies in Ontario. For more information, visit the Organic Meadow website at         

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About Cineflix
Cineflix Media Inc. is a leading international media company that is bringing together a mix of global broadcast and production partners, major talent and key executives to get top quality original content produced and distributed for television and other emerging platforms. Currently involved in the creation of more than 400 hours per year of multi-genre TV for international broadcasters, and with a rapidly expanding library of more than 2800 hours, Cineflix Media is a recognized leader in the industry with offices in Montreal, Toronto, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Dublin.

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Did You Know

A calf is a newborn dairy cow.

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