Organic Meadow hails Federal Agriculture Funding for Organic Research as a Step in Ensuring Wholesome Organic Food for Canadians

September 1, 2010

Organic Meadow hails Federal Agriculture Funding for Organic Research as a Step in Ensuring Wholesome Organic Food for Canadians

Turo, Nova Scotia where the announcement for research funding was presented to the food sector.

(Guelph ON) - Organic Meadow today joined other major Canadian organic brands in paying tribute to the federal government’s decision to offer $6.5 million in research funding that will support the organic food sector.

At a press conference in Truro, Nova Scotia, Ted Zettel, President of the Organic Federation of Canada, and a founding farmer of Organic Meadow Co-operative Inc., received the funds on behalf of the Organic Science Cluster (OSC), a collaboration between the Organic Federation of Canada, the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (facilitator and administrator of the OSC) and strategic contributor, the Organic Value Chain Roundtable.

"We are extremely pleased that the federal government, with the participation of the Government of Ontario as one of the partners in the OSC, has made these funds available," Ted Zettel said. "It will certainly enhance overall research efforts and assist farmers in refining their methodologies while contributing to the increased value and popularity of organic foods."

The funds should help the Organic Science Cluster to continue to mobilize organic science, innovation and technology transfer across Canada. The OSC also works to increase profitability and competitiveness by addressing production barriers, developing leading production technologies, and advancing Canadian organic production for national and international organic markets.

"As an active and committed partner and sponsor of the OSC, Organic Meadow is delighted that the government is demonstrating this magnitude of support for organic agriculture," said Steve Cavell, CEO, Organic Meadow Inc. "Our more than 100 Organic Meadow family farms are extremely appreciative of this gesture under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture’s Growing Forward initiative."

About Organic Meadow

Organic Meadow Co-operative Inc. is a farmer co-op consisting of over 100 family farms, more then 50% of which are within 100 miles of downtown Toronto. Organic Meadow Inc is the marketing organization that helps to bring more then 60 products to consumers across Canada. The company recently opened a new 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art dairy processing facility in Guelph -- the first new independent dairy constructed in more than 20 years – in partnership with the Steen Brothers. As a co-op, Organic Meadow shares profits with the farmers who lead it and have invested in it, thereby supporting rural economies in Ontario. Organic Meadow sustains its strong social mission and actively supports a number of charities including The Stop/Green Barn, Farmers Helpline, a co-op development in Gambia (Africa), the Guelph Family Shelter, Second Harvest and others. Organic Meadow has also funded and helped create organic farmers' co-operatives in Nova Scotia and Manitoba.

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